Promo Videos

An Die Musik LIVE, Baltimore, MD-2-10-2022

Chris’ Jazz Café-2-10-2022

Chris’ Jazz Café-6-3-2021

An Die Musik 5-26-2021

Willow Valley Communities 10-5-2020
Chris’ Jazz Café-3-29-2018
Philadelphia Real Book Concert 1-3-2018

Chris' Jazz Cafe' 2-19-2016

Penn State University 11-9-2015
The Garage NYC There Was Never CD Release

The Garage NYC 11-21-2014
Deerhead Inn 4-11-14
Somethin' Cafe' NYC 3-21-14
Jazz Education Clinic 1-30-14

Somethin' Cafe' NYC 11-7-13
Smalls NYC 11-7-13
Moondancer Winery 5-26-13
Kennett Flash, Kennett Square, PA 1-2-13

Somethin' Cafe' NYC 4-26-12

Somethin' Cafe' NYC 10-13-11
Miles Cafe' NYC 3-17-11

YorkFest 2009