Student Bass Clarinets (listed in alphabetical order)

Conn student style Bass Clarinet, #K05708 (1967)
Hard Plastic, older model with excellent pads. Says "Made In France"; could have been made by the Selmer company, perhaps in the style of the older Bundy models.  Has interesting extra/5th key in the left hand, looks like an alternate trill key for the low G#/middle Eb. Very good case. *Does have some body damage to neck; does not affect playability. Priced to move. $575
Selmer Bundy Student Model Bass Clarinet
Solid Older student model, resin/plastic. Totally repadded with all new pads, felts, cork by us; great case. These older Bundy’s are very well respected. Brand new Selmer Bass Clarinets are priced at $2009.00. Sold much less expensively here at $850, with an all new complete overhaul.
Selmer Student model Bass Clarinet
Solid Newer student model, resin/plastic. Has excellent pads and service. Brand new these are priced at $2009.00. Sold much less expensively here at $900.
Jupiter JCL-637B Bass Clarinet
Excellent student bass clarinet in like new condition. Comes before newer the model the JBC100N Bass clarinet goes for $2349 on woodwind and brasswind. Serviced and looks new with very little use on it. Priced at a bargain at $1150.00
Winston Bass Clarinet:
Resin model, low Eb, LIKE NEW, barely any use on it; plays well, serviced. Very nice student model at a fair price: $750
Vito student style Bass Clarinet
Solid student resin model; these are considered very much like the earlier Selmer Bundy models. Has excellent pads and service. $850