Professional Tenor Saxophones
Contemporary and Vintage


Selmer Mark VI Tenor, #78111 (1958)
Beautiful early lacquer Mark VI, European engraved, about 80% original lacquer, without a doubt; a real Player’s Horn! A magic serial number and much sought after vintage, the 70-85K range played by such giants of the tenor as Joe Henderson, Jimmy Heath, George Coleman, Michael Brecker, Sonny Rollins, and John Coltrane. On consignment from the owner’s grandson, a one owner horn! His grandfather a very popular saxophonist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Owns a Deep, Resonant, Full, Vibrant sound. Recently repadded with Prestini pads by an expert technician, with pads set at optimum height for great playing. Comes with a High F# key. Fairly price at $9,500.

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Selmer Series III Tenor, #662436 (2005) Lacquered.
In excellent shape, these are close in playing to the Mark VI, with a big robust, resonant sound. Great lacquer and pads; serviced plays great! Pictures coming. $7269 brand new, priced fairly at $3950.00
Selmer Super Action 80 Serie I Tenor Saxophone, #382373 (1986)
This sax is right on the cusp of the Series II, as the II is supposed to start, according to a few charts, at #378801. Says “80 Super Action” on the bell. It is interesting that sometimes there is a bit of an overlap between models, especially I’ve noticed with the Paris Selmers. Very well thought, like a vintage sax, these Series I; collectible, eminently playable, there is a special place for the Serie I. About 90-95% clean original lacquer, some scratching towards the bottom. Very nice looking pads on this one; fully serviced; many new pads. No dents or dings or repaired bow or neck trauma; no pull down on the neck. This is the real deal! Brand new these list for around $6890 discounted; it is much cheaper here.
$3650 (Pictures coming soon)
Selmer Signet, (#418835, Early 1960’s)
Selmer older model intermediate sax, Bell keys on left hand opposite side, Original lacquer, about 90%. These were made, designed with help from Buescher. Completely Repadded! Vinyl Resos. Classic, Vintage Sax! $1250.00
Selmer Signet, #953934 (1970’s)
Selmer older model intermediate sax from the 1970’s, at the end of the Signet run, before the Selmer USA came into being. Bell keys on right side, Original lacquer, a player’s horn, about 50% remains. Have had some pads replaced, is serviced and plays with a lot of Zing! Original case in decent condition. Classic Sax at a good price on this one!  $800
Selmer Mark VII Tenor, Serial #264260 (1977)
 Earlier model, in its third year of production, about 70% original lacquer, without a doubt. Definitely a player's sax with excellent pads and serviced by us; many new pads on this. Pads have vinyl resonators. Some dent work done on the bow area, done very well; there was no dentage to begin with in the bow guard plate. Neck is in good shape; no evidence of pull down in the neck. Nice price on this! $3400
Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Serie II Tenor Saxophone #534685 (1996)
Another in our line of used Selmer Series II’s, this very popular professional Selmer Paris saxophone (New models, The Selmer Paris Series II Model 54 presently is sold discounted on Woodwind and Brasswind at $7859.00) is priced much cheaper here. This is essentially a clean instrument, it does have a limited amount of wear in spots; overall it looks nice, plus no dents or dings. We have replaced practically all the pads; the pads all look brand new or at least newish. At $3895, an excellent price!
Selmer La Voix II Tenor
Contemporary, newer La Voix model. “Black Nickel” color. Solid player, looks like new, pads are great, serviced. Brand new these are going for about $3139.00. Priced much less here at $1750.
Selmer Mark VI Tenor, Serial #223702 (1974)
The later model Selmer Mark VI's have really come on in recent years, and are more and more highly regarded. Their action is fast, the sound is full but sleek and full or resonance and character. This saxophone is no exception. Lacquered, about 90% original without a doubt, serviced and with excellent pads. Comes in older Walt Johnson travel case, latches still working. Good price on this clean 6! $5300
Selmer Mark VI Tenor, #224999, (1974).
Real Players horn, so to speak; has some use on it, 70-80% original lacquer (without a doubt original). American engraved, with the nice American style engraving on the bell, no dents or dings, no pull down in the neck. Comes in a very cool, hard flight case with little use on it, zippered, zippers working very well. *In the shop now getting a complete repad with all new high grade Selmer style pads with vinyl resos.
These later model tenor 6’s play fast and have a sleek but totally resonant, full bodied, “6” sound all the way. Priced fair here at $4950.00. If you want the real deal at a good price and ready to go now this is the Selmer Mark VI for you!

Selmer Mark VI Tenor, #224239, (1974).
Late model, still kicks! Big, full sound for this vintage! 60+% lacquer remaining. It is a relacquer, and it has a spotty finish, and there are a lot of pads that need to be replaced (and one could easily do a full repad); but, Wow, there are not too many of these left, and if you want to take on a project this is horn is it; it can be restored with ease. Couple of dings on the bow, we can easily take care of this. Comes in a great looking newish Selmer Super Action 80 Serie I or II case, with cloth cover, zipper working well.

Selmer La Voix I Tenor
Earlier La Voix model. “Black Nickel” color. Solid player, looks like new, pads are great, serviced. Brand new these are going for about $3139.00. Priced much less here at $1600

Selmer "Super" Tenor, #13583 (1930)
 Relacquer, about 75-80%, "Player's Horn", seen some action, still a venerable instrument, serviced with good pads, in solid flight case.  It has just been through our shop for a full set-up. It is on the freer-blowing end of the spectrum with a nice, fat projection. The sound itself is slightly on the brighter side of neutral, but it's a very complex and warm kind of brightness. It has a certain flexibility that makes it quite a joy to play! Please be aware that there has been some dent work on the horn (in the bow area), some resoldering of Bell Key guards,  in addition to a neck pull-down that was gently repaired. These are rare saxophones as most of the Selmer's.

This is a nice Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone. Serial #120016. (1964)
Quality Relacquered Vintage Selmer saxophone.  This is indeed a great era for the Mark VI tenors, and very well thought of.  Plays, sounds, feels, like that era of the #115-130,000 with a big sound with a lot of resonance, a lot of bottom, and quick action.  I have played mark VI’s all my life, (Check out my web site at for information about Dave Wilson the saxophonist and his recordings as a jazz artist!), have sold many of these over the years, and am well versed in the whole lineage and history of them.  Has the original neck with the same serial number stamped on it. About 85% clean lacquer. More than just a player's horn; lot of great lacquer left and not beat up.  Distinct engraving. American Engraved. Says “MARK VI” on the bow clamp. This sax came to us with selmer style  pads (vinyl resonators) in very good condition; the pads look newish by and large, and some are new.  We will have this serviced before at the point of sale; it plays pretty well now, but will be given our TPC (Top Playing Condition) treatment.  No dents or dings; no resolders on body. Original neck in good condition. It has no bend or pull down to it. Check out the many pictures; more pictures are available. Call us up for a live sound test at 717-475-7168.  Will include student mouthpiece, reed, neck strap, and cork grease. This sax will not need any repair and will provide maintenance-free playing for months if not years. IT IS EASY BLOWING AND HAS THAT GREAT MARK 6 TYPE OF BIG SOUND! The sound is actually very smooth, and sweet, buttery, and resonant, and full, and the action has been set up to be tight and smooth. A very fair and honest price for this saxophone. $5500.00

Selmer Mark VI Tenor, #191000, (1972)
Great Mark VI! Super Clean, 98% original lacquer, American Engraved. Great pads. Sleeper Serial Number; underrated.  Wow! Will repad for free at buyer's request.

Selmer Mark VI Tenor, Serial #223012 (1974)
The later model Selmer Mark VI's have really come on in recent years, and are more and more highly regarded. Their action is fast, the sound is full but sleek and full or resonance and character. This saxophone is no exception. Interesting sax from a Mid Atlantic area school district; as such verified bought brand new by the school in 1974, this sax must have been marched with or something (Ha Ha) because it is like 10% lacquer! But it is original, and has been verified as such in several quarters, including that of the highly regarded Ben Salem, PA Woodwind repair artist Mike Hammer of the Hammer Music Company. This sax has been tested by us and plays with certainly and without a doubt an original finish type of full, resonant, vibrant sound. It is widely thought that stripped down 6's (or other saxes with no lacquer), play with more resonance than their counterparts; in fact some of the New York based saxophonists and other greats like to play their Mark VI horns in this condition. This horn is in reality no exception. We like it a lot, and stand firmly behind it as a great playing Selmer Mark VI tenor saxophone, well worth the price. Sold for $4900 as is. With full repad: $5400.00
King Super 20, #331202 (Around 1953) A classic Super 20!
H.N. White/ Cleveland, Ohio. Very nice Serial number and Vintage. About 80% original lacquer without a doubt. Lacquered bell and neck; Underslung octave mechanism on a double socket neck. Neck is original; matching serial number on the neck.  No pull down on neck.  Silver plated "Touches" (Right side keys, Left and Right pinky keys, Alternate F#).  Ivory-like rollers. Low B and Bb bell key pad cups have art deco design on them.  Will repad to order. $3750.00Selmer Mark VI Tenor, #103247, (1962)
Real player’s horn here!  Big, full sound for this super vintage almost 5 digit Selmer Mark VI Tenor! Those VI tenors between about 90K and 106K are considered Fast and Loud and very resonant. 50+% definitely original lacquer remaining. Completely and newly repadded by us. Plays very well. No pull down in the neck, some minor work done on the bow, no dings or dents. Resoldered Low B and Bb Bell Key guard, done very well. Comes in a nice case, not original. Good price on this restored almost 5 digit Selmer Mark VI Tenor.


Yamaha YTS-62III Tenor saxophone-the new model, "Like New"
YTS-62III model. The new model, introduced in 2015, this one is from 2016 and is "Like New" with no wear on it, characterized mostly by improvements in the design of the neck (Labeled now the "G2" neck) Priced to go at $3125
Yamaha YTS-82ZII Tenor saxophone
the new model, "Like New" The new model, introduced in 2015, this one is from 2016 and is "Like New" with no wear on it. Brand new the msrp on these is $4821. Sold here much less expensively for $4495.00. Hard to get a hold of these!

"In the tradition of the much-coveted vintage saxophones, the 82Z now comes equipped with a one-piece bell. This feature drastically improves low end response and offers the player a wider palette of tonal color. More elaborate with finer detail, the new engraving design offers delicate beauty.

The new 82ZII also features domed metal resonators that offer an outstanding response and deliver a wider dynamic range. The entire range of the instrument has a clearer pronunciation, providing effortless playability all around. The wide bore taper of the V1 neck provides offers a free-blowing feel and the greatest possible flexibility. This combination of features allows the player the ultimate level of tonal expression.

An improved mechanism from low B to C# ensures a proper seal for these notes, which promotes a clear response throughout the low range of the instrument. A lighter thumb hook and thumb rest base design produces better response and a more cohesive tone. An adjustable Front F mechanism gives the player the freedom to find the optimal level of resistance in the altissimo range."
Yamaha YTS-875 Tenor saxophone, Serial #021XX
Super early, Vintage pro Yamaha tenor from about the late 1980’s. This horn is a very fun instrument to play. It seems to be a bit warmer than the Custom Z horns made today, but not quite as dark as the Custom EX's, making it a good middle-of-the-road, all around tenor for the busy professional player. It takes your air well and offers a nice focus, which really helps the altissimo pop. All new pads. Very, very clean lacquer. Great brass. Solid sound. Brand new $4821. As a vintage model, and with the fantastic condition of the lacquer, and all new pads we are asking a fair $3300.00, Great Price!
Yamaha YTS-62I Tenor saxophone. #041045 (late 1980’s, early 1990’s)
YAS-62I. The original 62 model. A Clean sax with only limited scratching. This sax has seen a lot of good maintenance over the years, coming to us with several new pads, and we did some pad replacement ourselves. Very good pads and set up, plays great! Good price.
Yamaha YTS-52 Tenor
Nice, very clean example of this great intermediate model tenor, the precursor to the current model, the YTS-475. Excellent pads. Some think the older 52's have better brass and have a more robust sound. Can't go wrong with this one! $1550
Yamaha YTS-62II Tenor saxophone
YAS-62II  model. A Clean sax; The finish and the pads on this one are good looking. Very good pads and set up, plays great! Good price.



Buescher “400” Aristocrat, #549XXX (1971) Classic, Vintage Buescher Aristocrat Tenor. This sax in all actuality plays with an exceptional sound; it really plays with a sound like an amazing pro horn; no kidding! One of our better sounding, better playing tenors in our collection. Underslung single socket neck. Very clean sax with that definitive “Buescher 400” logo engraved sideways and deep on the bell. Completely and newly repadded, with the Buescher “Snap-On” pads (with metal resos). $1600.00
Buescher  Aristocrat Tenor, 157-355228 (1957-58)
About 85% original lacquer with silver plated keys, a clean horn and a Vintage sax, a very popular Buescher series, towards the end of the Aristocrat series, before these were co-opted with the Selmer Bundy line (When Selmer bought Buescher around 1962; Selmer and Buescher started working before that-for example, early Student Bundy's were developed out of Buescher Aristocrats, and became excellent student saxes). Original (to this sax) Buescher "Snap-On" pads and resos in very good condition.  Hard Shoulder case. Fair price.
Buescher “400”, #439427 (1966)
Read this quote about the Buescher 400's: "The “Buescher 400? was their most advanced professional entry into the saxophone market and was the highlight of their resumption of production after WWII. They also continued to make “The Aristocrat” at the same time. What distinguished the Buescher 400 from the Aristocrat was a larger bell, silver plated key mechanism with a lacquered brass body, highly ornate raised engraving, and options of silver or gold plating for the body and key mechanism the patented “Norton” threaded gold-plated springs, and, the underslung octave key on the neckpiece. This model had slightly larger inner bore dimensions than other models of the period which gave them a bigger sound more conducive to Jazz. The “Aristocrat”, on the other hand, was a decidedly “sweeter” sounding instrument, yet still very powerful." This sax, while probably not of the same vintage as an early or mid 1950's "Top Hat and Cane" model (worth about $4000 today), has all the characteristics and is very much of a vintage, professional nature. It does have the silver plated key mechanism with a lacquered brass body, highly ornate raised engraving,  on the key mechanism the patented “Norton” threaded gold-plated springs, and, the underslung octave key on the neckpiece. About 85% original lacquer, the engraving on the bell reads sideways "Buescher 400",  (and not "Aristocrat") and is super deep and sharp. Newly repadded with the classic Buescher "Snap-On" pads. Huge deep sound! Fair price at $1500 for this classic, Free-blowing sax!
Buescher "Big B" Aristocrat Tenor, 296121 (1941)
Vintage sax, a very popular Buescher series, perhaps their next best to the famed Top Hat and Cane (actually right before this), towards the end of the Aristocrat series. This actually  falls at the beginning of the Big B series which stretched into I believe 310K-316K or so. Nice enough relacquer (some scratching with no dents). with clear engraving, and an excellent brand new repad job. Original (to this sax) Buescher "Snap-On" pads and resos. Original case. Fair price.
Yamaha YTS-475 tenor sax.
The successor to the 52 model. Predecessor to the newer/out for a few years now YTS-480. Clean intermediate Yamaha (some minor scratching), serviced with excellent pads, most new. Original case in good condition. Plays great and makes an excellent step up model.
Yamaha YTS-82Z Custom Z Model
Lacquered model, excellent condition. Not that old. Very clean lacquer. Pads in great shape. Brand new costs over $4821. Sold here much less expensive at $3350.00


Bundy Special #54242 (around 1965)
Made in W. Germany by Keilworth for Selmer Company. Classic sax! Rolled tone holes. Original lacquer around 85% with Nickel-Plated keywork. Though some pads are streaked, they have a good feel to them; the sax has been serviced so it plays excellent.These are great tenors wtih a big, full and strong tone! Nice older case, possibly original. $1500


Cannonball "Big Bell/Global Series” #105566
Pro saxophone in range of ten-fifteen years old or so. This model is “Unlacquered”, manufactured in this way, the idea is that it really resonates with no lacquer on it (down to the bare brass), and so has a lot of zing to it. Excellent pads and set up. No dents or dings. Comes with both necks, silver plated and lacquered (as it should). Original case. Great sax!

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Conn 10M, #345783(1952),
Nice, Quality old relacquer with that dark honey brown hue' clean body, no dents, engraving clean. Will repad to order with Conn metal Resos (inquire if that has been done). Original neck, not underslung or double socket. Straight tone holes. "Naked Lady" engraved. Art Deco engraving on bell clean, very visible. Original pearl rollers. These are much underrated this era of the 10M.  Excellent sound! Plays full and resonant. Comes in Gator hard Flight case. Good Price! (pics shown are before work was done) $1950 solid

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Conn “Transitional”, #262216(1934)
Prime serial number for this baby! Right at the beginning of the 10M series, a fantastic era, with "Naked Lady" engraved, Art Deco engraving on bell clean, very visible, just like a 10M, However, but with opposite side bell keys, “10M” not written on back, so holdover and hence “transitional”. Plays like a 10M with identical keywork and sound. Beautiful older relacquer, almost 100%, reportedly done back in the 1980's and done very well, engraving is very clear, relatively deep; tone holes are even, almost looks original but it is in fact a relacquered instrument. Totally repadded with high grade Selmer style pads from Allied or Fereze and with Conn-style metal Resos (with the rivot in them). Tested by us, this sax, with the neck in question, plays great, perfect, and very well in tune. Rolled tone holes. "Naked Lady" engraved. Art Deco engraving on bell clean, very visible. Original pearl rollers. Excellent sound! Plays full and resonant. Comes in a very sturdy case. Good Price! $1950

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Conn Chu Berry, #245128 (1931)
Really, a valued “Transitional” model; not a 10M transitional as the bell keys are on opposite sides, so closer to the later Chu Berry models. This one is a relacquer, with much of the lacquer remaining. The serial # is present, and it does say on the bell "Made by C.G. Conn Ltd. Elkhart, Ind". Also the G# key is the signature "Nail File" type, which is indicative of the later Chu Berry's, usually the post 200K series, and these are the best of the Chu's. It does not have a micro tuner neck, as some of the Chu's transitioning into the 10M series did not feature this. Fair price: $1299 as is $1800 with a full repad (metal Conn Style Resos). It has not been repadded, and can be sold as is, if so desired.

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Conn 10M, #332779 (1949)
Interesting post war original lacquer Conn 10M. Only about 60% lacquer, must have been a real war horse! Fully repadded and brought to great life with excellent spring action by a master repairman. Not rolled tone holes, these post war 10M's in that 310-350K range play with the same or better sound than the pre-war ones, we feel. Original zebra kind of case. It's a cool horn! $2000.00
Conn 30M Conqueror Tenor, #291XXX, (1940)
SSuper Vintage, Highly collectible, beautiful Original lacquer, about 95-97%. Extremely rare in this condition. It is a beautiful, gorgeous horn. The engraving is special with sharp, highly detailed design featuring an unusally luxorious "Naked Lady". One owner horn; was not used much. Worth it for the player or the collector.
Conn 10M, #295562 (late 1930’s, Pre-war)
Original lacquer 85-90%. New-like black Kangaroo pads. Prime serial number! Original case. $2700
Conn Chu Berry, probably post #200,000 (late 1920's)
This one is a relacquer, with all lacquer missing (down to the bare brass). The serial # has been worn off in the back. It does say on the bell "Made by C.G. Conn Ltd. Elkhart, Ind". Also the G# key is the signature "Nail File" type, which is indicative of the later Chu Berry's, usually the post 200K series, and these are the best of the Chu's. Complete with brand new repad with Conn metal Resos. It does not have a micro tuner neck, as some of the Chu's transitioning into the 10M series did not feature this. Neck has had some repair work done on it, but it plays well. The sax does play well with the great Chu Sound.  Fair price: $1299.00.
Silver plated Conn New Wonder Chu Berry Tenor #156215 (1925)
Original Silver plate; polished with brand new repad with Conn metal Resos. Nail File G#; Micro tuner neck. Gold Wash Bell. Classic sax!
Cannonball "Vintage Reborn" Pete Christlieb Tenor
Named for one of the great Tenor players of our time, Long Time Tonight show Giant Pete Christlieb, This is a relatively recent run/model of pro Cannonball tenors, with a "Brute" finish; this being really a dark brown, aged-looking only in appearance, almost matte looking, faux-aged, but very appealing sheen and some beautiful engraving. Very much like in the tradition of the Cannonball Big Bell or Stone series. Taiwanese made, with the following advantages: nice heavy resonant brass, solid 3-point bell body brace/stay, + an auxiliary brace for the semicircular compound bell key pillar. Neat customized neck screw; strong and well fitted bell key guards; good attention paid to key work including an incredibly comfortable octave key touchpiece; addition of a "helper spring" on the G# lever arm to ward off that "sticky" problem of the G# key; not to mention great ergonomics in the overall feel of the action underneath the fingers. Very little use on this, only a year or two or three old. Store price is $2600+. Sold here for
Gold plated Conn New Wonder Chu Berry tenor #204941 (1927)
Original gold plated (about 90-95% Sand Blasted Gold body with Gold Satin Engraving ) in very good condition with excellent pads with Conn metal Resos. Nail File G#, Micro tuner neck. Original Tres Pac Case W/clarinet case insert.


Dolnet Paris, France Tenor, #73041
Collectible, imminently playable Paris, France model  made in the early 1970's. Made by French Artisans in the tradition of the SML or even the Paris Selmers.  Sturdy brass, wide bore; big fat sound; solid construction. Sold as is for $1000; with fresh repad for $1450.
Original Dave Guardala "New York" model
(about 20 years old),  black lacquer, (looks grey), a vintage tenor saxophone from the distant early and mid-1990's. The latter is a very rare horn, you don't see many around. It is in excellent condition with very good pads (in the shop now being serviced). This says "Made in Germany", and I believe was made by the now defunct B & S Company, which was founded and inspired by folks from Keilwerth. Come in very cool, reddish hard flight type of shoulder case. Fairly priced at $2500 even. WOW!


Jupiter JTS-789-787,
Nice intermediate model, solid sax, Great Pads! Great sound, clean sax. Underrated intermediate model tenor sax.


Keilwerth SX90R #119967 (2003-2004)
German Nickel Silver. Rolled tone holes. Bought recently from the original owner who bought it brand new in around 2003-2004. Excellent condition, pads look great. Little wear on a couple of the side keys, like the side C, from the owner’s acidic touch I would say. Otherwise in great condition. Finish looks great. No dents or repaired damage. Comes in the original case, kind of like a squared off, heavy duty travel case; extra sturdy. The Keilwerth SX 90 is one of the big names in the saxophone world and for good reason. They have a huge sound, are very free blowing and are very flexible horns. To us they have always seemed to have a wider bore, and hence a bigger sound, yet with that good resonance; again I compare them with the Conn 10M if I’m going to draw any comparison to vintage horns, but it is a modern, contemporary, albeit complex and unique sound. Fair, great price at $3395

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Keilwerth SX90R Tenor Saxophone #95650 (around 1990 or so)
Prime serial # and vintage for this original lacquered beauty. Very clean, Will repad to order. Original case and mouthpiece. These are very well thought of as vintage Keilwerths, their best era, for great playing saxes, priced accordingly. Call For Price at 717-475-7168.


King Super 20, #292177 (Around 1947) A classic Super 20!
Nice post war H.N. White King Super 20 in a prime serial number range! This sax came to us as a kind of a reclamation project. It has all the bells and whistles: Lacquered bell but with silver neck; Underslung octave mechanism on a double socket neck. Neck is original; matching serial number on the neck.  Neck is in very good condition. Bottom bow has had some work done. Original “Mother Of Pearl” (Not Silver plated) "Touches" (Right side keys, Left and Right pinky keys, Alternate F#, and on these Ivory-like rollers. All Bell tone (Low Bb, B, C, Db) bell key pad cups have art deco design on them. The sax was brought to us in essentially bare brass, and with original lacquer at that, with very sharp, detailed engraving, and also came to us with a kind of Gold colored paint or spray on the body in certain areas. We succeeded in removing this, and polished it down to the bare brass, and gave it a new repad with high quality pads and Conn Style metal resonators, (flat with the rivot in the middle). In the end a real “players” horn brought back to real life! Play well with a full bodied resonant sound! Comes in an original King Tenor Saxophone case. Latches working well. Good price at $4200

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King Zephyr Tenor Saxophone #388112 (1962-1963)
Solid, Vintage/Pro King Tenor, right in line with some of the best Super 20’s from the same era. Same brass, same basic design, not a student model; has nickel/silver keys, single socket neck. A very good relacquer at a very affordable price. **Completely repadded by us with high quality Selmer style pads and flat Conn 10M style metal resos. In the original King case in great shape. Plays with a real a good amount of power, resonance, and very well. Ready to go! $1350

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This is a vintage Voll True II tenor saxophone by King H.N. White, serial number 165687
The Voll True has a very responsive free blowing sound to it. You can really feel the horn breath and vibrate as it is played. Sonically the sound is medium warm but like all Kings it can pack quite a punch with ample projection.As you can see from the pictures the horn has been well taken care of but it does show some cosmetic wear. It is original lacquer with perhaps 40-50% remaining on the instrument. It has a nice dark color with no engraving except for the lettering. The saxophone includes the original neck which is in good shape and has not been pulled down in the past. $1500.00
King Zephyr tenor, #175XXX, (1935)
Nice, dark, original lacquer. Vintage, classic horn the precursor to the Super 20. Repadded with high grade pads and metal resonators. Good price $1500
King Super 20, #440767 (1968-1969)
The classic Super 20! East Lake, Ohio. Right near the beginning of the move from Cleveland to East Lake for King (around 1965). Still a great Super 20, with a classic feel and sound. Very Clean, older relacq, with very clear engraving; completely and newly repadded. Great Price for a pro horn! 
King Zephyr Tenor Saxophone #343024 (1955)
85-90 % ORIGINAL (without a doubt) lacquer, VINTAGE HORN, CLASSIC! Lacquered body with lacquered double socket neck. Interesting sax as it is right in the heyday of the top of the line King Super 20 series, which was found in about the #272000 to about 375000 series. This sax feels and sounds very much like the Super 20. The King Zephyr pioneered the Super 20 Body tube and thus the original, fabulous King sound. Plastic rollers, no starburst engraving on the bell key pad cover keys, no silver touches or silver neck or silver bell; not really the bells and whistles, ornamental stuff of the King Super 20 This sax came to us with Black Kangaroo ("Roo") pads with somewhat oversized metal resonators that have a slight dome to them. The pads are in very good shape. As such the sax has been serviced by us and the sax plays with very good action and a real zing to the sound. No dents or dings; might have been some small work done on the bow in the past; looks fine. The neck is in very good shape, no pull down and no signs of repair; it is the double socket neck from this vintage. *Please note that this is a King factory Zephyr replacement neck with a different serial number, #339918 (1954-1955). It has the same wear pattern as the rest of the sax, and so apparently was used by the owner for some period of time. It plays very well, as we have said, the sax plays great; and we see no difference in the quality of the sound or playability with this neck. Comes in what is apparently the original King Case. Fair low price at $2100.00


LA Sax Pro “V” Series Tenor Saxophone (Red lacquer with Gold Keys)
Probably the “V” Series and Not the “Big Lip” Series which has the rolled tone holes and engraved bell keys, but very close. Has the straight tone holes, pro features such as semi-precious stones for finger buttons, High F#, Bell Key “Risers”, strong Bell-Body Brace, Slightly convex metal resonators, beautiful engraving on the bell and neck, deluxe hard carrying case with shoulder straps.  Excellent shape! Serviced with very clean lacquer, excellent pads. Good Deal; Check it out. $1000


Martin Handcraft Committee I model, #122717 (1937).
 "Skyscraper"/"Soaring Eagle" Model; kind of rusty appearance, about 50% lacquer; feel it is original with sharp engraving on bare brass bell. With new repad $1900

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The Martin Indiana #62161
Old Relacquer, Needs pads. $600

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The Martin Tenor, #150196  (1945)
In the first year of production of the The Martin lineage, this vintage sax has original lacquer, about 90%. Completely and newly repadded with Metal seamless resos. Original neck with matching serial number. Genuine vintage Martin case in good condition. Resoldered thumb hook in great condition. Classic sax!
Martin Handcraft, “Master Deluxe” #79395 (1927) Gold Plated!
Early Handcraft model, these are rare as Martin mainly made altos before the Committee and then The Martin Series, very similar in lineage to the other Handcraft listed, but…this one is Gold Plated (original gold plate), largely clean with some wear, and with beautiful Art-Deco/”Portrait” engraving (with silver inlay) on the bell; most likely done by the same master engravers of the 1920’s that worked on the famous Conn “Portrait” saxophones-the work is that similar! (**Stenberg Bros. Conn Master Engravers).  Gorgeous floral design in great detail and then…a pretty “Swan on the Lake”. This looks like it was repadded a long time ago, but the pads are worn and need to be replaced. Also, along the way, some one or another removed the key work and put a soldered in plug in the alternate Eb (famous to these early Martin’s and Conn’s of the day), that sits immediately above and to the left of the regular Eb tone hole. Free of dents and dings save for a Couple of small bumps on the bow, can be worked out easily.  Matching serial number on the neckNot in the original case. Eminently collectible, still. Fair price on this vintage, highly collectible “Portrait” Martin Tenor. $1900 as is, $2400 with repad.

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Martin Handcraft, #78744 (1926)
Early Handcraft model, these are rare as Martin mainly made altos before the Committee and then The Martin Series. As is so many of these, it has been relacquered, a long time ago. Engraving still clear. Has some lacquer missing, the engraving is clear. Some repaired small ding/dent work on the bottom bow. Neck appears to have its tenon resoldered.  Needs pads, will repad to order. $900 as is $1400 with new pads. Comes in a nice hard flight type of shoulder case. Kind of a collector’s item. Vintage, classic, velvety full sound!
The Martin Tenor, #150434  (1945)
In the first year of production of the The Martin lineage, this vintage sax has original lacquer, about 55-60%. Heavily spotted but definitely original lacquer; has that sharp, deeply engraved engraving.  Completely and newly repadded with Metal seamless resos. Original neck with matching serial number. Replacement case. Classic sax!
The Martin, #179195, (1952)
Nice clean relacquer with good pads, serviced. $1400
The Martin, #206777, (1959)
Super clean relacquer with very good pads, serviced. Engraving is very deep; looks like original lacquer almost. At the end of the series of the The Martin, these are considered excellent saxophones
The Martin Tenor, #158654  (1946)
Original lacquer, about 85+% (speckled but clean). Completely and newly repadded with Metal seamless resos. Original case with neat zippered cover. Classic sax!


P. Mauriat PMST-500BX  'Black Pearl' Professional Tenor Saxophone.
The brand new model is the PMST-500BXSK model. This is a professional model saxophone, coveted and used by many a professional or serious musician, especially in the so-called Smooth Jazz circles.

-Finish: black nickel plate with clear lacquer
-Keys: gold lacquer/silver plate
-Key touches: genuine black abalone
-Hand-engraved bell, bow, body and neck

It's got a bright sound but with much depth and clarity, and not as bright as one might think. This one is in excellent condition (with only a few spots of wear), and an excellent set up with very good pads, several brand new ones included in out professional set up. Comes in flight type of contoured case in good condition. $3829 brand new, priced much cheaper at $2095.00


Tenor Madness “TM CUSTOM Special Edition Hand Engraved and Assembled in the USA 00777”
Very interesting and compelling professionally made saxophone put out by the legendary saxophone repairman Randy Jones and his company Tenor Madness out of Waterloo, Iowa. Long recognized as one of the leading saxophone repair outfits in the world, and a nationally noted seller of fine vintage and contemporary saxophones and woodwinds, especially the Selmer Mark VI, Randy and Tenor Madness have in the last ten to fifteen years put out their own line of pro saxophones, manufactured overseas. This is an early model, unlacquered, which we have serviced some, added some new pads (it came to us with great pads), with vinyl resos, and also an upgraded TM neck. No dents or dings. This saxophone plays with a lot of zip and focus, and resonance! WOW! Reminds one of a Cannonball or a very good P. Mauriat. It’s a different sound than the Yamaha, and has it’s own feel to the keys. You have to play one to believe one! Comes in a nice, hard shoulder case; watch out! Very affordable at $2699.00

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Yamaha YTS-82Z Custom Z Model
Lacquered model, excellent condition. Not that old. Very clean lacquer. Pads in great shape. Brand new costs over $4821. Sold here much less expensive at $3350.00
Yanagisawa 991 Tenor
Beautiful lacquer and very good pads. The 991’s are the Yellow Brass, with a brighter sound, the 992’s are Bronze brass and said to be a little darker. They are both being made concurrently. Professional model tenor and in great condition. Original lacquer finish is around 98%. There are no repairs and no dings. The pads with plastic dome resonators are in excellent condition. The case is in excellent condition. This is a top quality tenor in great condition. In great shape, these are relatively rare on the market; grab it while you can! Good Price on this one $3200

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Yanagisawa Tenor, Serial #00119193  (1983)
Vintage early Yana professional model dating back to the 1980's; pro model of its day and age. Quality raelacquer in excellent condition with very good pads, recently serviced.Solid pro type of model today for those on a budget; got in a trade package from a local professional who employed it as his main ax. Fairly priced at $1600.00