ALL Marching Brass
All serviced and come with good case and mouthpiece unless indicated to the contrary. Listings in Alphabetical Order.


Bach Marching Valve Trombone
No model number (like some of the Bach low brass); Says "Bach USA" on the bell. Serial #15054 (1974?) Other comparable models from this period had the intermediate "Mercedes" model stamped on it. "Stainless Nickel" finish. With new case (on order).  Clean finish with resoldered lead pipe-body brace. Some repaired dings, but largely came dent free. Comes with a Vincent Bach Corp. 7C mouthpiece.  $800
King 1121 Ultimate Series Marching F Mellophone
Serviced with Very nice Polished Silver plate. With Original King Marching Case. Have two of these at $1000 each.
Olds Marching mellophone
Very clean with nice case. $450
Yamaha YBH-301M Marching Baritone Horn (lacquer)
Good appearance with case (not original). Some lacquer wear on some slides; very clean bell; no dents or repaired dents. Brand new at $1891. Priced here at $800

Yamaha YMP-202M Marching mellophone
Very clean with nice case. $775