Return and Limited Warrantee Policy

For All instruments:
A 10 day trial period is allowed in the purchase of "Professional, Intermediate, or Vintage" instruments sold by the business. Any such instrument may be returned if postmarked during this period or simply returned face to face to the business. Sometimes extensions are given on this trial period.

A Free 10 day trial period is allowed in the purchase of "Student" instruments sold by the business, whether purchased at the place of business or shipped.  There must be a good reason to return a student instrument, such as it is defective.  Please see our "Buy Back" Program as listed on this page

*Please try to be knowledgeable about what you are buying before you buy it. For example playing a vintage saxophone, or even other vintage or old woodwind or brasswind, may not be as technically easy as even your cheaply made student instrument, even if serviced and serviced well in our shop. We are very knowledgeable about the instruments we sell and stand behind any instrument we sell. Granted sometimes we make mistakes and will always own up to in such cases. (Read below about our FREE 30 DAY LIMITED WARRANTEE.)

A 6% restocking fee will be charged with a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $275 charged, negotiated by both parties. This restocking fee may be waived in some cases, only at the discretion of and agreement arranged between the buyer and the seller, us.
The buyer may also EXCHANGE an instrument for one of equal or lesser/greater value (paying the difference as such). This can be welcomed, and there is no restocking fee in such cases.

Buyer must pay for postage both ways, if shipping is involved
Buyer is responsible for any damage incurred in the return of an item. The seller is responsible for any damage during shipping (if the instrument is shipped).

The Seller (us) is not responsible for lost or stolen items once they leave the shop.

FREE 30 DAY LIMITED WARRANTEE. Upon agreement, if any further work needs to be done on the instrument, this work will be done at no cost to the buyer at either our selected repair facility, or a negotiated other repair facility.  Note that all instruments are tested and approved at the point of sale. Acknowledged is that sometimes, though not often at all, we the sellers may make a mistake and this is why we value the FREE 30 DAY LIMITED WARRANTEE.
Check are "Buy Back" Policy for our policy on Buying Back instruments, at any time, sold by the business.