Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Dave Wilson's Musical Instruments has specialized in buying and selling of vintage, modern and student brass and woodwind instruments for over fifteen years.

My usename on Ebay is "Hornmania", where I have a solid reputation of seling horns online. I strive at all times to sell only quality instruments and to be as accurate as possible in my description of their condition.

My interest in used musical instruments began with my experience as a full-time professional musician and recording artist and a love for vintage saxophones and and their history from an antique and historical perspective. Over the years this interest spread to other woodwinds and to some forms of brass.

I'm constantly studing and researching "band" instruments, old and new, and love to talk shop with people in the know about "horns" in general. Procuring musical instruments is like antiquing in a way, part of the thrill is in finding and discovering them.

As a professional woodwind player my emphasis is on the saxophone, and I also do a lot of private instruction on woodwinds, presently carrying between 30-35 students from beginners to advanced, from ages 9 to 70. Students of mine have made district band on saxophone and clarinet and several have gone on to become music teachers and or successful musicians.

I studied classical saxophone with David Bilger for 3 years, and also had some lessons with with the saxophonists Joe Lovano, Bill Barron, Ralph Lalama, Tim Price, Glenn Guidone, Tom Stroman, as well as with guitarist Steve Giordano and pianist Kirk Reese.

My quartet, duos or trios have performed at the Media, PA “Jazz by Night” festival, made regular appearances at Chris' Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia, The Berk’s Jazz Fest, Harrisburg’s American Music Festival, Bethlehem Muskiest, Bethlehem, PA. My quartet headlined at JazzFest in York, PA in both 2009 and 2010.

I have currently have recorded four CDs as a leader.

Over the years I have worked with the likes of pianists Jim Ridl, Phil Markowitz, bassists Tony Marino and Steve Varner, drummers Adam Nussbaum, Bill Goodwin and Marko Marcinko as well as pianists Steve Rudolph, Matt Hochmiller, saxophonist Tim Warfield and Philadelphia based guitarist Steve Giordano among others.