Student Flutes (listed in alphabetical order)
(All silver plated unless indicated)


Armstrong 102 $250 (Very nice, new looking, excellent pads)

Armstrong 104 $250 (Very nice, good finish, excellent pads)
Buffet Crampon
Nice Student Flute, made in Paris by the famous woodwind makers. Polished, Serviced, looks great, excellent price $200
Nickel/Silver, older finish. This one came from one of our repair technicians who repadded it totally! Plays very well! Bargain price for a newly repadded student flute! $200
Nickel/Silver, great pads, nice finish, plays well! Exellent price! $185
Nickel/Silver, great pads, good finish, plays well! Exellent price! $175

Nice student model in very good shape. Has Solid Silver head joint! Plays great! $325


Brand new Gemeinhardt 2SP flute: $425

Gemeinhardt 2SP
Looks newish! $300

Gemeinhardt 50 series
Looks newish! $300

Gemeinhardt 2SP $275

Gemeinhardt 2SP $250

Gemeinhardt 22SP $250

Gemeinhardt 50 series: $250

Gemeinhardt 2SP $225

Gemeinhardt 2NP
Nice pads, decent finish, a bargain! $225

Jupiter Capital Edition.
Super clean, new looking, excellent student flute. Very free blowing; these have really come along in recent times. Serviced with great pads! Gold-plated lip plate, Gold low Eb to Db roller. $350.00
Jupiter Capital Edition.
Another nice very clean, “Cap Ed” excellent student flute. Very free blowing; these have really come along in recent times.  Serviced with great pads! Good price on this one $275
Very Clean, very free blowing student Jupiter with excellent pads. $250

Selmer Signet.
Great pads! Serviced with very nice sound and touch. $225

Nickel plated, finish ok (with some wear on Lip plate), very good pads and price on this one! $180

Yamaha YFL-222
Like the YFL-221, updated, newer model in Excellent shape. Great looking pads. Good price. $375.00

Yamaha YFL-221
The ever popular. In Silver Plate-We have some of these in stock at competitive prices, generally $275-$400. Inquire for current availability.

Yamaha Advantage, Model 200AD
In Silver Plate- Nice shape, good pads, good price! Serviced plays Great! $275
Yamaha YFL-225SII
Excellent condition. $275
Yamaha YFL-225N
Older model, well maintained with very good pads, serviced, plays very well. It’s a Yamaha. $225.00
Yamaha Model FL-211S
Made in Japan. New-like. Solid Student Flute. $225
Yamaha Advantage, Model 200AD
In Silver Plate- Super Nice condition. Fairly new looking! Serviced plays Great! $375
Yamaha YFL-225SII
Very nice looking, plays very well. Very good pads. $250