Professional, Intermediate and Student Soprano Saxophones
Contemporary and Vintage; ALL sopranos available in the store are included here in this listing.
Brand new tenor saxophones (Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagasaiwa) available; inquire for prices.

Armstrong, Made in Germany by Couf/Keilwerth
Vintage, Like an early Keilwerth. From the 1970's we believe. Very nice player! All new pads.
Antigua Winds
Very nice Nickel/silver professional like model. Well thought of as a kind lf "sleeper" model
BELLCREST Soprano sax,
Nice Student soprano. Serviced and priced to move! $300
Nice older French curved model, made by Buffet with the Evette-Schaeffer Paris France logo on the bell. Relacquered, completely repadded by us, with vinyl resons, no dents or dings, almost 100% lacquer, and in a nice compact case. Ideal Price at $1400
Buescher Straight Soprano, #190259 (later 1925)
Excellent Silver plate with Silver Plated Keys, professionally polished finish.  This came to us having been repadded by Witicha Band Instrument Co in the last couple of years with all new pads, felts, corks. The sax was not used a whole lot and has been serviced in our shop. Original case with handle hanging on. No Front F key, but range is to high F. $1750
Buescher Curved Soprano, #73318
Excellent Silver plate with Gold Plated Keys, professionally polished finish with complete repad with all new pads, felts, corks. Original case. Range to high Eb. Collector's item. $2200
Buescher Straight Soprano, #179076 (1925)
Nice quality Relacquer, with complete repad with all new pads, felts, corks. Original case, needs new handle (we will try to provide this). No Front F key, but range is to high to high F. Nice vintage soprano at an affordable price. Plays great! $1099
Vintage Conn Curved Soprano Saxophone. Serial #142796 (1924)
Sometimes called a Chu Berry or, more accurately, a Pre-Chu Berry. Original silver plate, almost completely 100% intact and highly and professionally polished. Gold Wash Bell. Rolled tone holes. Original ivory type rollers. Completely and newly repadded without resonators (for the authentic sound and feel) and polished so that it looks new like. All new (high grade Selmer style) pads, felts, and corks; all new neck cork. This saxophone is one piece, with a Non-detachable neck. Range up to High F. (No Front F key.)
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Vintage Conn Gold-Plated Straight Soprano Saxophone pitched in the key of C. Serial #117226 (1923)
Rare example of an historical Saxophone. Polished Gold plate, almost completely intact, with all new high quality leather pads.
There are enough of these straight Conn and Buescher silver sopranos pitched in Bb around. But to have one that is for one pitched in the key of C (it is shorter than the Bb version), and then to have it a marvelous Gold plate, with some nice art deco engraving at the bottom; well, this makes it super collectible, and it plays great to boot! Original case in decent shape. Has the original mouthpiece.
Elkhart Curved Soprano #316-29. (1920's)
Beautiful Polished Silver plate, Low pitch, range to high F. (No front F key.) This is a Buescher Stencil. It has the same key structure as a Buescher (no bow guard however).The neck is not detachable. With the high F, I place this in the mid to late 1920's. COMPLETELY AND NEWLY REPADDED (WITH SELMER STYLE PADS AND FLAT, METAL CONN RESONATORS WITH THE RIVOT IN THE MIDDLE).
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Jupiter Soprano sax, model JPS-749-547
Nice intermediate style soprano in black lacquer (the color is in fact black). Some slight wear on some of the touch keys, but lacquer is very intact, clean; pads are great, serviced and plays very well with a very contemporary sound and good key work. This is not an inexpensive Chinese soprano; it is (or should be) made in Taiwan, and is very solid. One piece: neck is attached. Good for the price! $850.
Solid student model, Chinese made; serviced, plays very well; good for the price $325, wow!
L.A. SAX. Lacquer
This is a really nice playing soprano sax made in Taiwan. I had a blue one and a black (lacquered)  one last year, and they both sold for $850 and $600 respectively. Very clean finish, great pads, high F# key, 2 necks (straight and curved). Original case and mouthpiece.
Selmer La Voix II
La Voix II (most recent model) curved soprano sax, in Black lacquer (really a greyish/metal type of finish). Looks relatively new with excellent pads. Serviced plays very well. You don’t see a lot of these. Great price for a contemporary, curved soprano sax. $1600
Selmer Serie II professional soprano.
 Looks very much like new! Comes with Selmer C* mouthpiece.
Selmer Serie I soprano, #374665 (1984-1985)
excellent condition! completely and newly repadded.   Like a vintage sax from the 1980's! $2300
Winston "Pro I" Model 365LN Soprano saxophone.
 Excellent condition; looks fairly new. Has the one detachable neck (straight); curved neck is missing. Serviced plays great. Significant price reduction on this one.
Monique “Pro Series” Soprano (Silver)
Very Nice for the Price intermediate style soprano. Usually you see these in lacquer, this silver. $850
Monique (Designed by French Engineers)
Nice, straight, lacquered model. These are the good Moniques, when they say "Designed By French Engineers" and/or "Pro Model". This is no exception; a solid intermediate/Pro-like soprano sax. This one has one neck, straight, detachable. $700
Nice, straight, lacquered model from the mid-1970's, kind of, well really a vintage model and Yana's pro model of the day, and at the beginning of their lineage.  Well thought of as a kind of "sleeper" model, no kidding. Some lacquer wear, not bad; newly and completely repadded with all new pads and set up. New case
Yanagsawia model 991 curved soprano
Beautiful lacquer; about 6 months old, hardly any use on it. brand new at $3869, sold here for $2600.00
Nice, curved lacquered model from 1981. Well thought of as a kind of "sleeper" model, no kidding. Some lacquer wear, not bad; excellent pads and set up. Original Case.
Yamaha "Custom" YSS-875 soprano, #01037
Vintage, Super early pro Yamaha soprano, probably early, mid-80's, and this is good, as they were made with great brass back then. This is a vintage soprano with a great sound, it is a heavy horn, with that early heavy alloy. Going into the shop for a complete overhaul (new pads, felts, and corks). Almost 100% clean original lacquer. Has two necks.  Priced reasonably at $3750 as a vintage Yamaha soprano sax.
Yamaha YSS-475 Soprano (Silver plate)
Just in! Nice version in silver plate, with very good pads, original case. About ten years old, maybe; hard to pinpoint Yam serial numbers! Plays great! Was looking at different web sites:  $1450
Yamaha YSS-475 soprano
Beautiful lacquer, Very clean. Very popular intermediate soprano in excellent condition $1400