Professional or Intermediate Alto Saxophones
Contemporary and Vintage
Brand new tenor saxophones (Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagasaiwa) available; inquire for prices.

Selmer Model 26 Alto, Serial #10357 (1929)
Original Silver Plate. Towards the beginning of the entire Selmer Saxophone line. Coincides with the "Model 26" designation, (first in the series was the Model 22), although it does not say Model (or Modele 26) on it. On the front of the bell it says: "H. Selmer...4. Place Dancourt Paris France", then the "Henri  Selmer Paris" stamp, followed by  "DEPOSE then No. 8587...SOLE AGENTS U.S. & CANADA". (This is just like the Model 26 we have in our inventory/collection.)  It is the original silver plate without a doubt, there is little tarnish; it is not quite polished. Note that the receiver at the top of the sax, where the neck fits in, was replaced at some point, with two posts resoldered. The neck fits in seamlessly and there is no effect on the sound. Check out the pictures of this. We will guarantee the security of this repair (not done by us, but certified by us) for life. The neck is in wonderful shape;  no pull down in neck; no evidence of a repaired crease in the neck.  This is a deeply historical sax.  It may be for the player, who desires this vintage, period sound and feel.  It is certainly for the collector.  as more of a full bodied, robust sound; it is a sweet sound, nonetheless, and we would not put the sound in the same category as Mark VI or even the Balanced Action line. The horn is being sold as is. The pads are old and need to be replaced. It was repadded at some point as it has leather pads with the "Hollywood" style metal resonators in them. These give the sax a bigger bright sound as such. It sort of plays as is, and some pads look newer than others, but they should be replaced.  Comes in newer Pro tec hard case. We can put a fresh set of pads on for a very fair cost. Email for additional pictures. This is a rare, collectible saxophone, that can be easily restored to fantastic playing condition. One should grab it before it gets away! Priced fairly. $6500.00
Selmer  Mark VI Alto, #65015 (1956)
Beautiful early Original lacquer Mark VI, European engraved, 95-96% original lacquer, without a doubt. Deep, Dark, Full, Vibrant sound. Bought from the original owner who bought it brand new in Paris, France directly from the Selmer Plant in 1956, as he was in a military band at that time and stationed in Europe. Was put on the shelf, largely, in the late 1950's as he focused on the clarinet, along with job and family. Still has original pads, which came with flat, oversized, metal resos. No High F# key. $6950
(Price includes brand new re-pad, or sold as is for $6600)
Selmer Serie III Alto #706126  (2007)
Purchased recently from a college student who bought it brand new and maintained it as a second saxophone (he was mainly a tenor saxophonist), keeping it in very good condition with regular maintenance. Hardly a scratch on it; no dents or dings. Comes in original case with Selmer outer leather protective cover. $4300.00
Selmer  Mark VI Alto, #237XXX (1974)
 Is there a better one on another planet? American engraved. Original lacquer, about 85%. Clean Sax!  Great Pads, with our A1 PC (Playing Condition) treatment. $4350
Selmer  Mark VI Alto, #76700 (1958)
Beautiful early quality relacquer Mark VI, American engraved, 95-96% claen. Deep, Full, Vibrant sound. These altos in the 70K-80K range are very well thought of; even bow (no long bow); plays well in tune. Will repad to order or sold as is. $4500, includes repad. $4000 as is.
Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Serie II Alto Saxophone #506366 (1994-1995)
This very popular professional Selmer Paris saxophone (New models cost $5989.00) is priced much cheaper here. We just had another one very close in serial range (#507327), but this one is as such nicer looking than that one was (it has been sold). It is in very good condition. Clean instrument; this sax does not look it had a lot of use on it, yet it came to us with pads in excellent condition and the sax had regular maintenance and pad replacement as the pads do look in very good shape, and we had a few new ones put in with our A1 service.  Comes in original case in also very good shape. $3350, excellent price!
Selmer  Mark VII Alto Saxophone. #243524. (1976)
These VII's made in the first year of the storied Paris Selmer production (In fact #243000 is the first number listed for the VII's in Lars Kirmser's storied serial number list. The VII series  lasted from 1976-1981 before the switch over to the Super Action 80 Serie Series), these first year models are supposed to be the best of the lot. This horn has been repadded with all new pads, felts, and corks, with high grade Selmer-Style pads and vinyl resonators. We feel it is original lacquer as the engraving is very sharp, although there is literally no lacquer on the instrument; it is down to the bare brass and kind of muddy color at that. Evidentally the sax could have been sitting somewhere for some time and all the lacquer "fell" off! But don't let looks deceive you; this sax plays great! Fair price at $3000
Selmer “USA” Model Alto #827625 (1980’s)
Some of you might remember this as the Selmer USA’s successor to the Selmer Signet; it is a very nice USA (not Paris) made intermediate saxophone. Right side bell keys, excellent, excellent lacquer; we have (or are in the process of) replacing many of the original pads. Comes in beautiful Selmer pro style case. Unusual to see one this clean; closet type of horn, where we are replacing most of the pads (some replaced before). Good price on this $1000.

Selmer “Standard” “Model STD2” Alto Saxophone #1342517
Made in the U.S.A., these are intermediate style, similar to and an extension of the Selmer USA models of the 80’s and 90’s, made most likely in the late early part of the 2000’s, as the serial number is concurrent with USA Selmer saxes of that era. It has a good sound and has several pro features including:
-lacquered keys
-Bell key tone risers
-High F# key
-Strong Bell-Body brace
-Good brass with heavy weight to it
-Engraved bell
-Pro Selmer Case
-Intermediate/pro sound and feel to key structure (patterned after pro Selmer saxes such as the Selmer Paris Serie II as well as the Selmer Mark VI)
This model does not have a lot of use on it, is made in the USA, has been serviced, has very little wear, excellent pads, and is without a doubt not a student model, but a good step up. Solid price at $750

Selmer Signet.
Early USA made Intermediate Selmer sax. (Will Have) Very good pads and set up. Like a “Sleeper” sax!

Selmer  Mark VI Alto #145XXX(1967)
Clean example of one of the best saxophones ever made on the planet. Is there a better one on another planet? Great example of the David Sanborn Model-#'s 145-150K or so. American engraved. Original lacquer, about 85%. Will repad to order: No Charge. Yeah! Call For Price.
Selmer  Mark VI Alto, #230047 (1974-1975)
Clean example of one of the best saxophones ever made on the planet. Is there a better one on another planet? Right at the end of the run, a long run: the Selmer Mark VI. American engraved. Original lacquer, about 85-90%. Will repad to order: No Charge. Yeah! $4499

Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Serie II Alto Saxophone #507327 (Mid 1990's)
This very popular professional Selmer Paris saxophone (New models cost $5989.00) is priced much cheaper here. It is in very good condition; Yes there is some wear on the keys, the lacquer has some scratches here and there but the sax has essentially a clean look. The pads came to us in excellent condition and include several new ones. Comes in original case in ok shape. $2995.00

Selmer  Mark VI Alto #56XXX(1955)
Super clean, like a museum piece, American engraved. Original lacquer, about 95-98%. No dents or dings, or repairs of this nature. This is an exceptional alto saxophone. It has a large but not a big or fat sound like the Sanborn models of the 145-150K vintage, or the post 1970 190+K series. It is darker and a very centered sound. The lower notes come out with great ease, contrary to much of the Mark VI vintage. Will repad to order: No Charge. Yeah! $8500.
Selmer  Mark VI Alto, #61355(1956)
Great, prized, early 5 digit example of one of the best saxophones ever made on the planet. Is there a better one on another planet? European engraved. Original lacquer, about 75%. Says Mark VI on the bell clasp. Serviced with High grade, mostly Prestini pads in very good condition. Flat Metal Resonators with rivot . Original Neck in very good condition. No dents or dings. Bell is in an interesting position on this Euro model; a little bit off to the side, not at all uncommon for a Euro vintage, I am told. As well the fingering action is somewhat unique, still Selmer Standard. However, what really impresses me about this saxophone is the sound and the ease of tone production. This sax really sings with a lush, loud, resonant sound on the dark side; exactly what you would expect from an early M6 of this vintage. The low range especially is incredible; it comes out with great ease and sounds lush.
Selmer SAS280 La Voix II Alto Saxophone 
The Selmer SAS280 La Voix II Alto Saxophone's fluid keywork gives it a relaxed feeling, while its perfect intonation and warm sound make it a welcome instrument both in the concert band or the hands of a soloist. The Selmer La Voix II sax' traditional-sized bell helps saxophonists keep their tone focused and makes blending easy. You'll like the price of the Selmer SAS280 La Voix alto saxophone as much as its sound. Finally you can afford a step-up sax with features like professional key styling—for accurate fingering—that you would expect to find only on more expensive instruments. Selmer has worked to make the SAS280 La Voix II an alto sax that is easy to play. Pitch is consistent without strain from the low end to altissimo. The La Voix II saxophone can really project and offers you dark jazzy sound when you need it. The Selmer SAS280 La Voix II Alto Saxophone is a player's instrument made affordable for all musicians
Level: Pro/Intermediate
Key: Eb
Neck Material: Yellow Brass
Body Material: Yellow Brass or Copper Brass
Bell Material: Yellow Brass or Copper Brass
Key Material: Yellow Brass
Range Up To: High F#
Pads: Leather
Resonators: Nylon
Engraving: Yes
Includes: Case, Selmer Mouthpiece, Ligature, Cap, and Care Products
Crafted In Taiwan
Used, in excellent, new-like condition; brand new-$2439
Our price-$1539

Yamaha YAS-82Z Custom Z Alto Sax
Nice lacquer, great pads, newly serviced, this is the cream of the crop, the best Yamaha Pro Sax out there, Priced to move!  $2950
Yamaha YAS-62III Alto saxophone-the new model, "Like New"
YAS-62III  model. The new model, this one "Like New" with no wear on it, characterized mostly by improvements in the design of the neck (Labeled now the "G2" neck) Priced to go at $2890.00
Yamaha YAS-62II Alto saxophone
YAS-62II  model; Excellent, very, very clean finish, almost like new, with excellent pads. Bought brand new by adult in 2008, hardly played at all (Adult gave up after few months); and purchased by us from this individual.  Good, fair price.
Yamaha YTS-62I Tenor saxophone. #041045 (late 1980’s, early 1990’s)
YAS-62I. The original 62 model. A Clean sax with only limited scratching. This sax has seen a lot of good maintenance over the years, coming to us with several new pads, and we did some pad replacement ourselves. Very good pads and set up, plays great! Good price.
Yamaha YAS-575 Allegro model Alto saxophone
This is the model in between the 475 and 62 models; a feature in the retail music store chains that are clients of Yamaha. Excellent, very, very clean finish, soon out of the shop with excellent pads. The finish and the pads on this one are very good looking. Good price.
Yamaha YAS-52 “Early Decal” model Alto saxophone.
These have grown to be regarded as vintage, highly valued, early manufactured YAS-52 models (late 1970’s, we think). Early Decal means that the log is not engraved on the bell but “painted” on. Some scratches + couple of spots of lacquer loss, but essentially repadded with most if not all new pads, and plays great! Why are these so valued? The very early Yamaha pro and intermediate models had great metal, great brass alloy, and so, with everything else, this sax really sings! Relates very well to the Early Decal 62 alto we have on the site now. Priced very fairly at $1550.
Yamaha YAS-62 Alto saxophone
YAS-62II  model; Excellent, very, very clean finish, just out of the shop with excellent pads. The finish and the pads on this one are very good looking. Good price.
Yamaha YTS-52 Tenor
Nice, very clean example of this great intermediate model tenor, the precursor to the current model, the YTS-475. Excellent pads. Some think the older 52's have better brass and have a more robust sound. Can't go wrong with this one! $1550
Yamaha YAS-62 Alto saxophone
Original, earlier YAS-62I model. Very clean finish, just out of the shop with fresh new repad with all new pads. Good price.
Yamaha YTS-62II Tenor saxophone
YAS-62II  model. A Clean sax; The finish and the pads on this one are good looking. Very good pads and set up, plays great! Good price.
Excellent  Buescher "Big B" Aristocrat, #314327 (1948-1949)
Vintage sax, a very popular Buescher series, perhaps their next best to the famed Top Hat and Cane (actually right before this), towards the end of the Aristocrat series. This Big B is towards the end of the "Big B" series before the Aristocrat III/Post Big B run. The Big B is the best jazz horn of the entire Buescher series, and has great intonation. Original (to this sax) Buescher "Snap-On" pads and resos. Original brown ivory rollers. Excellent Original condition! Some 95+% original lacquer; almost like a closet sax. Newly repadded by us with the Buescher "Snap On" pad style. Wow! Worth every penny! $2200.00

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Buescher Aristocrat, #270752 (1935)
Classic Aristocrat with the “01” neck. Original lacquer, about 75%. Newly repadded by us with the “Snap-On” Pads (metal resos). Those pumpkin-colored bake a lite rollers. Eb key guard resoldered. Some repair on the bow-even. No othere dents or dings. Neck is nice. A rare sax for the Connoisseur. $1800.00
The Buescher "True Tone" alto saxophone, #148683 (1923)
Classic, Vintage Buescher Saxophone! Original silver plate in very good condition, repadded in the last year or so with the authentic Buescher "Snap-On" pads. Pads have hardly any use on them. No dents or dings. In original case, good condition with working latches. Comes with original hard rubber The Buescher mouthpiece in excellent condition. Fair price at $950.00
Rare Gold-Plated Buescher "Big B" Aristocrat, #294747 (About 1941) Vintage sax, a very popular Buescher series, perhaps their next best to the famed Top Hat and Cane (actually right before this), towards the end of the Aristocrat series. The Big B is the best jazz horn of the entire Buescher series, and has great intonation. Original (to this sax) Buescher "Snap-On" pads and resos. Original brown ivory rollers. Needs repad; pads are old Add $400 for complete repad. (if so desired). Extremely rare in Gold-Plate!

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The Buescher "True Tone" alto saxophone, #252072 (1929)
Classic, Vintage Buescher Saxophone! A little later in the True Tone Series, a year or two before the introduction of the  Original silver plate in very good condition, No dents or dings. Pads have some use on them; there are several new ones. In a Vito case, good condition with working latches; sax fits well. Fair price at $900.00
Buffet Super Dynaction model #7818 (1961)
Made in Paris, France. These early Super Dynaction models are best. Reminds you of a Selmer Paris Mark VI in looks, feel, playability. Clean about 90% original lacquer. Repadded by us with excellent Selmer style pads and flat metal resonators. So says the noted Steven Goodson of the (Vintage Saxophone Value Guide, check it out!), "These treasures should be priced like Selmers from the same era, but they’re not". A bargain at $2500
Conn "Transitional" model Alto Saxophone #258187 (1933)
A very nice original silver plate and True Transitional as this comes about a year prior to the 6M and has many of the characteristics of the 6M, including the "Naked Lady" engraving on the bell, same side (on the left) bell keys, non nail file G# key, pearl like rollers, and of course the tunable neck plus rolled tone holes. This horn is in line to be totally repadded with high quality pads and conn style metal resonators (with the rivot in the middle), as well as polished so that the plating looks like new. Original case as well. This is a great saxophone and well worth the money for the player or the collector. $2400
Conn Gold Plated "New Wonder"  "Portrait" alto #207XXX
Beautiful Art Deco engraving done justice by a Conn master engraver from the 1920's, in this classic "Portrait" alto. This sax was repadded and plays well. However it has been identified that there are some problems with unevenness in some of the tone holes. We are working to rectify this. $2000
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Conn "New Wonder" Chu Berry, #222671, (1929).
Marvelous Polished Silver Plate, very little plating loss.  All new repad, with Conn Style Metal Resonators. Solid, Genuine "New Wonder" Chu Berry restored to it's original condition! An Historical Sax. Has the Tuneable Neck (working); Forked Eb-F trill; Gold Wash Bell. The Chu's after #200K are the favored ones. Nail File G# key. Original Case. Priced fairly as these continue to go up in value. $1500
Conn 6M #300012 (1941)
50-60% original lacquer. Has the rolled tone holes (right on the cusp with this feature!) Can repad to order. A real player! $1399 with the new repad.
Conn Chu Berry, #117415, (1923).
Marvelous Polished Silver Plate, very little plating loss.  All new repad, with Conn Style Metal Resonators. Solid Pre Chu Berry. An Historical Sax. Has the Tuneable Neck (working); Forked Eb-F trill; Gold Wash Bell.  Original Case. Priced well. $1200
Conn "Transitional" Alto, #254932
Vintage, Collectible, Fantastic player: what more does the sax afficiondo want? Polished, Original Silver plate, very little plating loss; All New Pads, Felts, Corks. Bell Keys on the left hand side, so this makes this a true Transitional (and not leaning toward the Chu Berry side of things). Beautiful Art-Deco engraving with the "Naked Lady" present on the bell. No dents or dings. Original Case. $2500. Fair Price.

Conn "Wonder" Chu Berry #132705
Polished silver plate. Rolled tone holes. Tune-able neck. Completely and newly repadded with all new pro style pads with seamless metal resos, and new pads, felts, and corks. Vintage classic Conn! pads, selling as is, $1000

Cannonball Vintage Reborn RARE Limited Edition "Lady Godiva" series. #V139519
Vintage Reborn® Alto and Tenor Features:
• Traditional Bell
• Hand-Customized Vintage Reborn® Neck
• 9 Semi-Precious Stones
• Hand Engraved (Limited numbered edition engravings available)
• High F#
• Ribbed Construction
• Detachable Bell and Bow
• Triple-Annealed Bell, Bow, and Necks
• Italian Water-Resistant Leather Pads w/ Wool Felt
• Convex Nickel-Plated Brass Resonators
• Blued Steel Springs
• Power Forged Keys
• Upper and Lower Stack Adjustment Screws
• Adjustable Metal Thumb Hook
• Pivoting G#-Bb table mechanism
• Stabilizing Brace for Left Hand Spatula
• Relief Springs on G# and Low C# keys
• Machined One-Piece Neck Receiver
• Double Bell to Body Brace **Tenor Only**
• Hard Rubber Mouthpiece
• Hand Acoustically Customized by a Professional
From Branford Marsalis:  "This is the best alto in the industry. It's the only one I'll play."

 Limited Editions
“The Vintage Reborn series has standard and limited engravings. The limited engravings are produced in small quantities….)
Like New! Pro saxophone in range of 3-6 years old or so. (very hard to date!). #380 out of only 400 altos and tenors made! (For the Lady Godiva Series-stated on bell clasp). Super nice lacquer finish, ((AVR-L) Vintage Reborn Alto-Dark Amber Lacquer- hardly any wear present, like new!; excellent pads and set up. Serviced, plays Great-Great sax! Collectible! $2000
Cannonball "Big Bell" series.
Pro saxophone in range of ten years old or so. Very nice lacquer finish, hardly any wear present; excellent pads and set up. Great sax!
Cannonball "Big Bell" series.
another Pro Cannonball saxophone in range of five to ten years old or so. Very nice silver finish, hardly any wear present; (in the shop now); great pads and set up! Like all the Cannonballs comes with 2 necks, a regular neck and a larger, more open “jazz” neck.  Great sax!
Jupiter model JAS-767, another nice intermediate alto
underrated, great pads, Nice, clean horn, serviced and ready to go! $550
Jupiter model JAS-767-769, another nice intermediate alto
intermediate alto, underrated, great pads, VERY CLEAN horn, ready to go!  $700
Jupiter CES-760, "Capital Edition"
Essentially an intermediate Jupiter. Silver neck, Silver touches on some of the key work (silver plated keys). Alternate high F# key. These are underrated altos, but considered prized as essentially an intermediate sax by many. This one has some lacquer wear on it, (on the left side, really not too bad), so we are selling it inexpensively; it has full service, excellent pads, plays great! A steal at $550.00
Jupiter JAS-969GL Intermediate/Professional Alto.
Underrated intermediate/ alto perfect for the player with the tighter budget. It looks, feels, and plays very much like a Yamaha 475 or even 62 horn; I think it sounds and plays better than the 475. This one looks like new, with no scratches and very little use on it. It was bought from a Clarinetist in a trade package. The ergonomic key and body design, a specialty of Jupiter, is comfortable to play and offers easy and intuitive response which is a fantastic benefit. The 969GL looks lovely too, with a pro-style badge and inlaid octave key. In addition, the hand hammered brass neck provides excellent projection and tonal centering. $1400
Jupiter "Custom" CAS-2000 Professional Alto Sax
Discontinued Version of the Jupiter XO Pro Alto Sax, which typically sells for between $2000 and $2200. Excellent sound and action; it's a pro sax, plays similar to a Yamaha pro sax. Some scratching on the bottom end in the back, but a clean sax by appearance with very good pads. Lacquered pro-featured saxophone at a good price! $1300
King Super 20, #367718 (1959)
Great example of the Classic H.N. White Super 20! Prime, One of the best, serial numbers of the Super 20 era, right in that mid to upper level of the #300K. Original lacquer without a doubt, around 60+%.  Definitely a "Player's Horn"; has seen some miles, BUT with our excellent set up will play very well.  Some work done on the bottom bow; bow plate in good shape. Silver neck; art deco starburst engraved low B and Bb  bell keys; ivory rollers, ivory capped side, palm, alt F#, and G# keys. King Greyish Alligator Style case; latches working.  Came to us with good pads; we are putting some new ones, metal resos; This sax sings! (Pictures you see were taken before any service, including pad work, was performed on the sax; pads do look good as they are, but we will be putting some new ones in.) $4000

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King Zephyr Special, #229625
Fantastic representation of a pre- King Super 20 alto. Older Relacquer, with the engraving still very sharp and visible, in the 90-93% range clean. "Mother of Pearl" touches/covering the side keys, palm keys, alternate F# key. Starburst engraving on the bell key pad cups. "Ivory"-like rollers (not all). Silver neck, lacquered bell. Newly repadded by us with all new high grade pads with somewhat oversized metal resos with a slight dome on them.  No dents or dings, no resolders. Older case, canvas surface, stitching on it. Cool. Classic sax; looks very pretty and plays very well. Plays great! Smooth, powerful, resonant: Dreamy... Good price on this one! $2400.00
King Super 20, #292177 (Around 1947) A classic Super 20!
Nice post war Super 20. This sax came to us as a kind of a reclamation project. It has all the bells and whistles: Lacquered bell and neck; Underslung octave mechanism on a double socket neck. Neck is original; matching serial number on the neck.  No pull down on neck. “Mother Of Pearl” (Not Silver plated) "Touches" (Right side keys, Left and Right pinky keys, Alternate F#).  Ivory-like rollers. Low B and Bb bell key pad cups have art deco design on them. But…the sax, while appearing to have been brought to the bare brass, and original lacquer, with very sharp, detailed engraving; appears to have goldish, paint like glaze over it. We need to consult and get an opinion on this, see what the next move is! And we will!  Needs a total repad. Selling as is for $2500.00. Stay tuned!
King Zephyr, #420936 (1966)
Still H.N. White. Nice, clean original lacquer with original Silver Neck! New repad with original flat metal resos. Original Alligator-like skin case. Wow! $1800
King Zephyr, #265498 (1942)
Vintage Sax, H.N. White. Sharp, distinctive engraving, honey-brown color; appears original lacquer to us. Completely and newly repadded, 3-hole strap hooks. A classic! $1800
King Super 20, #339718 (1955)
Great example of the Classic H.N. White Super 20! Original lacquer around 85+%. Silver neck; art deco starburst engraved low B and Bb  bell keys; ivory rollers, ivory capped side, palm, alt F#, and G# keys. Original tres pac case. Comes with full repad including flat seamless metal resos. $4000
King Super 20, #346925 (1955-1956)
Quality Relacquer, approaching 100% (done in the last 10-15 years, we think), of a this Great example of the Classic H.N. White Super 20! Silver underslung neck (original-matching serial number); art deco starburst engraved low B and Bb bell keys; plastic rollers; does not have the ivory capped side, palm, alt F#, and G# keys. Quality case, not original. Comes with new full repad including flat seamless metal resos. Good Fair price at $2500.00
LA Sax Pro “V” Series Alto Saxophone (Black lacquer with Gold Keys)
Probably the “V” Series and Not the “Big Lip” Series which has the rolled tone holes and engraved bell keys, but very close and not that old. Has the straight tone holes, pro features such as semi-precious stones for finger buttons, High F#, Bell Key “Risers”, strong Bell-Body Brace, Slightly convex metal resonators, beautiful engraving on the bell and neck, deluxe hard carrying case with shoulder straps.  Excellent shape! Serviced with very clean lacquer, excellent pads; Fairly New Looking. Good Deal; Check it out. $1000
The Martin, #186572 (1953)
Again kind of a Player's horn, about 65-75% original lacquer, Newly repadded with all new pads with somewhat oversized metal resos with a slight dome on them. Some slight ding work done on bow (no bend in bow plate). Two resolders on bow guard on tube (not bell part). Original neck with matching serial number in great shape; no pull down on neck. Plays sweet! With brand new repad, Non descript, older hard case. Good price on this $1600
The Martin, #167160 (1948)
Player's horn, about 50% original lacquer, with excellent pads and setup. Plays sweet!
The Martin Magna #305004 (Late 1960's)
Super, Super clean almost a museum piece; like 98-99% clean ORIGINAL lacquer without a doubt. Newer vintage, Highly COLLECTIBLE. Silver-Nickel "Touches"/plated bell keys, side keys, low Eb/C (remainder of keys and key cups lacquerred); apparently ivory rollers. Unique design on neck; check it out! Neck in great condition with no pull down or repairs. No resolders on the saxophone; looks like it has been sitting in a closet, a one owner horn, not played much. No dents or dings or repaired dents or dings. Should be repadded; we can do this at a nominal extra cost if so desired. The Martin Magna is perhaps the best of the The Martin Series, next to the The Martin Music Man. This came at the end of the Martin run of professional saxophones. Actually the better of the Martin Pro altos are considered ones manufactured after serial #200,000 odd; coinciding with the purchase of the company by Richards Music Co. (RMC) in 1961, around serial #211000 actually. The Magna series (along with the The Martin series) officially ended in 1971 at the serial number of #350,000. Priced fairly at $2500, as it is extremely vintage and collectible to boot.

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Monique (Designed by French Engineers)
Nice, greyish-colored, almost matte-finish model, in excellent condition; Almost new-like pads; not a lot of use on this one. These are the good Moniques, when they say "Designed By French Engineers" and/or "Pro Model". This is no exception; a solid intermediate/Pro-like Alto sax. $950.
SML King Marigaux, #23412 (1973)
Not a Gold Medal model, but a later model made by the underrated Parisian masters, SML (Strasser Marigaux Lemaires). Solid original lacquer (around 80-85%) sax produced by SML for King in the states, and marketed back in the really 1970's really as rival to the Selmer story. (Selmer Mark VI production was ending right around the time of the manufacture of this particular instrument) And in the French tradition of, made by some Parisian master,  with a certain sound and feel similar to the Selmer Mark VI. A solid sax with all new pads with seamless metal resonators; nice sharp engraving on the bell, it reads "King Marigaux Paris France" on the bell, and comes in the original King case, still solid. $2150.00
The SML Story:
-SML was founded on January 12, 1935 by a group of businessmen headed by Charles Strasser, a businessman who was born in Switzerland; Marigaux, an instrument maker who trained at Buffet-Crampon and Lemaire, a clarinet maker. Saxophone production probably started in or slightly after 1935.
-SML's demise is definitely exaggerated. The last SML Gold Medal saxophone (officially) did roll off the assembly line in 1981 and the last King Marigaux rolled out of the King warehouse about 1986, but SML is still successfully selling medium-voice double reeds and have finally posted a new website:
Very Early Leblanc Vito Model 35 "Rationale" type model Alto Saxophone in ready to play condition.  #719A (most likely early to mid 1950’s)
Lacquered, original finish, perhaps 90%; no dents or dings, with very good pads and serviced. This is the same model that Johnny Hodges is supposed to have played, at one time at least, I would imagine, cronologically, toward the end of his career. It is a very heavy horn and it sings!
Though this particular Vito, with it’s vertical logo on the sax, at first glance does not look terribly special, it in fact is. It is an example of the Leblanc factory "Rationale" designed key system mechanism with many unusual (and thus rare and collectible) features. Below are aspects of this Rationale system that exist on this particular Vito Saxophone.
-The unique rectaugular, 5 roller, left hand pinky key cluster is unlike any other Vito before or since.
-The high F# key (situated below the G# key and operated by the left hand!), is unlike anything I've see on any sax. This not only acts as an alternate high F# fingering but also as trill key from the following: High Palm Key D and Eb to High F, as well as high Palm Key E and F.
-The octave mechanism, with its unique lingage to the G key, looks more like something you’d see on a custom made horn. Look a little closer and you’ll notice that the G key is comprised of two keys over two separate tone holes. This is supposed to improve intonation and response and is a feature not seen except purportedly on some rare pre-1920’s Conn and King saxophones. Where is the G# pad cup? It has been moved to the back of the body, right below the strap hook. The Articulated G# function of course works with this design. This also helps response in that all the stack keys are open without that one closed key in the middle.
-There is an extra tone hole located just under the D key in the right main stack, which facilitates, the forked Eb fingering for an Eb to F trill. I believe I saw this on an older Conn (or was it a Buescher Sax). In this regard the tone holes for the right hand 1st and 3rd fingers are the same size, while the 2nd finger is much smaller, and the extra tone hole is even smaller.
Collectible and imminently playable as a vintage saxophone!
Yanagisawa "Dorado 500" Alto (1971)
Early Yani, same as the model "A-4". It says A-4 next to the serial # 6711126". These are vintage saxophones, with great brass, solid construction any early contemporary sound, not too bright but resonant and lovely. Some surface wear through (especially on keys and rods), and this is typical on these early Yani's from the 1970's. Original lacquer. No high F# key.  Soon to be completely and newly repadded by us.
Yanagisawa Model 900 Alto Saxophone
Formerly their professional model, bought recently from someone who had it in high school but did not play it very much. Lacquer is very new looking, and we had it serviced and only needed to replace a few pads. It is in very good condition and plays great! Good price here for a professional saxophone! $1650