ALL Tubas & Sousaphones-Student and Professional
All serviced and come with good case and mouthpiece unless indicated to the contrary. Listings in Alphabetical Order.


Conn 20J, 3 valve 4/4 BBb Tuba
Very popular "Short Action" (valves).  Elkhart model in good clean condition, Detachable bell, Serviced with 2 cases (one for bell, one for body). Some dent work done on bottom; looks nice. $2000
Conn 12J 3-Valve, 4/4, BBb Tuba
Older Elkhart model. Serviced with some lacquer wear and serviced dent work. Plays very well.  No case. (can provide new case at extra cost). Priced new at $4729. Sold here for $1399.00.
Yamaha YBB-103  3/4  Tuba
Very good condition, New case. Serviced. A Clean Tuba! $1900


Yamaha YSH-411S Sousaphone in beautiful silver plate.
Looks new with very little (if any use on it). We bought it from a pawn shop who I believe got it BRAND NEW in a close out from a music store that was going out of business. It is estimated to be within 2-3 years old. Has the original case in excellent condition.

The Yamaha YSH411 Sousaphone is possibly the best sousaphone around today. Yamaha has done extensive research in developing an improved marching low brass instrument. Upon examination you will find many of the same features on their top line marching equipment that you will on their professional solo and symphonic instruments. These instruments are "best in class".

YSH-411 Series Brass BBb Sousaphone
Bell: 26" Yellow brass
Bore: .728"
Case: Mouthpiece included (67C4), instrument can be ordered with or without case - see listing
Key: BBb
Size: 4/4
Valves: 3 nickel alloy, nickel-plated front action pistons
Brand new this instrument is sold commonly for $8206.00. It is being sold much less expensively here. Great price offered on this! $4995