Professional C Melody Saxophones
Vintage, Historical models only listed below:


Buescher #82741(1921)
original silver plate, Gold wash Bell! Has Good pads! Good price! In the shop now. $600
Buescher #22968 (1916)
Super clean relacquer with very good pads, (in the shop now)

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Buescher #125582 (1923)
original Silver plate, needs pads and cleaning! (Will repad)
$350 as is; $750 overhauled.
Buescher #95984 (1921)
original silver plate, needs pads and cleaning! (Will repad)
 $350 as is; $750 overhauled.
Vintage Buescher  Gold-Plated C Melody Saxophone pitched in the key of C. Serial #100203 (1922)
Relatively rare example of an historical Saxophone. Polished Gold plate, almost completely intact, with all new high quality leather pads with seamless convex metal resonators. With this marvelous Gold plate, with some nice art deco engraving at the bottom; well, this makes it highly collectible, and it plays great to boot! Original case in decent shape.


Conn, #105801
Silver-plated, needs repad, needs work. $375 as is; $850 with repad.

Conn, #137XXX (1923)
Nickel-plated, completely repadded! $700
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Conn #68476
relacquer, needs repad, needs work. $300
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Conn, #85000 (1921)
Silver-plated, new or very recent pads, will polish orig mouthpiece! $850 with polish
Martin C Melody, #42347 (1924)
Nickel/Silver plated, Gold wash bell. Heavily tarnished. Mix of Good, Great, and poor pads. Resoldering on neck brace. Neck has some work done; looks ok, no real pull down. No dents otherwise. Not serviced, but plays sort of ok. Priced to move! $300
Martin C Melody, #22908
Relacquer, very nice-super clean, with very nice pads (needs regulation). Range to high F. Good price on this! $550