Flugelhorns (listed in alphabetical order)
All listed below have 3 valves

Bach Stradivarius model 182 Flugelhorn, Serial #95063 (Approximately 1973)
Solid, historical, vintage standard Bach Flugel in very good shape; albeit a little spotty lacquer. Fully Serviced in very good playing condition with no dents or dings. Comes in a perhaps original case in very good condition, with a very clean looking Bach Corp 3CFL flugelhorn mouthpiece. It is widely declared that the great jazz trumpet artist Woody Shaw at least at one time played this model, and hence it is often referred to as a "Woody Shaw" model (one post had it as created by Bach for Woody Shaw, which might be a little suspect). As such, they are perhaps relatively rare on the scene, and collectible. $1450 and worth it.

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Bach C Trumpet! Rare Bach Stradivarius Model 239 H, PITCHED IN C. #359931 (1990-1991)
Lacquered model, original lacquer, around 85% lacquer remaining. Serviced. Marked "CL" for Large Bore. Does not say (that we can tell) "7R" on the lead pipe. Plays very well. Original Case. Solid, Vintage Bach C Trumpet; excellent price! $1500


Conn 25F in silver Plate,
1989, vintage, Beautiful Silver plate. Wow!


Polished silver plate. Lead pipe was corroded and replaced with a Yamaha lead pipe by Curtis Palmer of Seacat Music in Manheim, Pa. Plays beautifully. Comes in the not unfamiliar "satchel" bag. $1400.


Eterna by Getzen, #K26901 (1968-1971)
Mint condition lacquer (probably relacquered). Excellent valves (3 valved) $850


Jupiter model JFH-846 Flugelhorn
Lacquer, super clean, like new! Model prior to the current model the JFH1100R which retails for between $1200 on WWB and $1419 on Amazon. Vertical French slides and a classic bore size give this the vintage flugelhorn sound for which trumpet players are searching. The Jupiter 846 features a .433" bore, French-style valve slides, 1st and 3rd valve water keys, and 6" bell. Includes wood frame case, mouthpiece. Serviced and plays great.

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Vintage Lorenzo Sansone flugelhorn
Fully serviced, kind of spotty looking but very efficient. Has a serviceable original looking case. Pronounced very serviceable and decent for the money by a professional trumpet player and expert brass repairperson locally. Good price! $500.00


Yamaha YFH-731
Current model is the 631. The 731 is often described as more open and free blowing. Solid intermediate/professional flugel with a great rep. Very clean silver plate. In the shop for service. Comes in gig bag. $1000.
Yamaha YFH-2310
Fluegelhorn in lacquer. Super Clean. $750